ELIZA portrait
  Hi ...I’m Eliza, a psychotherapist. Just tell me your problems!
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ELIZA is a natural language conversation program described by Joseph Weizenbaum in January 1966 in the aricle "ELIZA – A Computer Program For the Study of Natural Language Communication Between Man and Machine", CACM 9 (1), pp. 36–45. The talk-psychotherapy ELIZA mimics resembles to the technique developed by psychologist Carl Rogers in the 1940s and 1950s. This technique aims at creating a comfortable, non-judgmental, positive atmosphere helping patients to find their own solutions for their own problems. In this setting, the program manages to create an illusion of understanding during a conversation even though it uses only a very limited amount of formalized background knowledge. Whereas an important design goal of ELIZA has been hiding the fact that no real understanding is achieved, newer programs such as ALICE additionally focus on using extensive formalized knowledge and on learning during the conversation, e.g. by corrections from the user. — Many thanks to Norbert Landsteiner at www.masswerk.at for providing the implementation of ELIZA as well as the great terminal simulation www.masswerk.at/termlib/.
PRIVACY: All data is processed locally, the program is implemented in client-side javascript.